Rental Property Maintenance

Rental Property Maintenance

Maintaining Your Investment Properties

From mending fences to water blasting, cleaning out gutters, or building your deck we can help keep your rental properties or client’s rental properties in the best condition. When investing in rental property, maintenance is one of the most important things, it not only prevents minor problems from escalating, it also keeps your tenants happy.


You’ll be able to develop an ongoing relationship with us so you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding someone reliable every single time. Our team can liaise with tenants and fix those annoying maintenance issues and follow it up with a report and photo to show you the work is complete.


Below is just some of the maintenance work that we carry out for our rental property customers or have a look here to see the services.


Jobs that we can help with at regular intervals weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Ask us about our maintenance packages.

‘Fix It’/Corrective

When something breaks, we can fix it. This is the more common work as tenants don’t usually tell you something until it needs to be fixed. It can usually be avoided through regular maintenance.


Do you mow lawns?

No, we don't, as there are many amazing full-time mowers out there.

Can you fix my door handle?

We have learned over many years that 9/10 times door handles need to be replaced rather than fixed. So we are more than happy to replace door handles.

My tenant has a hole in the wall - can you fix this?

YES! absolutely!



The easiest to ignore, especially if tenants don’t point them out until it becomes a ‘fix it’ job. Things like cleaning the gutters can save you a lot of money in the long run.



Whether it’s pre-rental upgrades, a new fence, or even a garden tidy, we can make your property rental (or sale) ready.


I need a range hood installed do you do that?

Yes! we do, we work alongside a fantastic electrician and as a team, we can install these.

We need the shower replaced in our rental, can you do that?

YES! We can remove and install new shower units, every shower is different so we are happy to quote this. Get in touch.


We specialise in maintenance and repairs of your residential home, commercial or rental properties

We specialise in maintenance and repairs of your residential home, commercial or rental properties

Rental Property Maintenace Services

We offer a comprehensive range of property maintenance services. Here’s a small list of what we can do, but if there’s something you would like and we haven’t included it, get in touch we may be able to help.

Garden Maintenance

Garden Tidy

Section Clearing
Pruning and Trimming Shrubs or Hedges
Regular Tidy-Ups
Vege Gardens
Chicken Coops

Property Maintenance Carpentry


Custom furniture
Play Forts
Storage Units

Fence Builds & Repairs


Privacy Fence
Pool Fence
Picket Fence

Property Maintenance


Custom Build

Repairs & Property Maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance

Kitchen Cabinets
Gutter Cleaning
Door Handles

Property Maintenance Waterblasting


Concrete areas

Building Remodelling


Finishing Touches
New Doors
Room Makeover

Deck Builds & Repairs


Custom Build

Kitset Furniture

Kitset Furniture


Handyman Services

Handyman Services

Deceased Estate Clean Up
Yard Tidy Up
Small Jobs
Light Commercial

Rental Property Maintenance

Rental Properties

On-going Maintenance
Garden Tidy Ups

Need to know more? Get in touch with us here

Need to know more? Get in touch with us here